Old Whether Warm or Cold



Although some celebs are taking to the colder weather with aplomb, others are celebrated for taking to the sun and fun. A goodly amount of model Gisele Bündche frolicking in a Boston part in the snow of Nor-Easter Hercules made the twitter feed in the past few days just about the time the infamous Huffington post released their  “A New Year, Another Round Of Celebrity Bikini Bodies” photo essay. It’s a whopping 101 pictures full (though in all fairness there are some pics of the same celebs in different suits or from different angles) and almost everyone you could care about is represented. There is Jennifer Aniston, Beyoncé  Molly Sims, and even some guys, like Shemar Moore and James Marsden; quite the list to be sure.

We are a celebrity obsesses culture to be sure-really, should Gisele Bündchen’s snow funning or Beyoncé’s sunning even rate on our radar?- but we as much like to see how the other half lives as we do how well they can keep themselves in shape. Of course the start of the New Year brings us all round to considering what has gone before, what we might get into now and either relying on the look (or tight bod) of celebrity to keep us motivated or just entertained is not a habit any of us (certainly not online news sources) we’ll lose as a New Year’s resolution.

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