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What Is Microfusion?

Women who went threw Microfusion SurgeryIt’s a Methodology, Technology, and Technique that was designed and created exclusively by Guci Image. This unique method adds hair to areas on the head that range from slightly thinning to replacing hair in areas where there may be no hair at all.

Understand that Micro-Fusion is NOT one solution or system, but a “Platform” upon which a variety of solutions to your female pattern baldness can be based, depending upon the degree and location(s) of your thinning hair.

At the heart of Micro-Fusion is beautiful, shiny, utterly life-like 100% human hair and a unique grid-like base made of a soft “silk” blend material. The hair is integrated into this base or network of fibers in a way that is nearly invisible to the human eye. The grid allows Micro-Fusion the flexibility required to solve almost any pattern and degree of female pattern baldness.

For example, the base can contain a small amount of hair or a larger amount, depending upon the degree of coverage needed or desired. The grid itself can be widened or narrowed to the exact size of the hair loss area. This unique base also has no styling limitations and can accommodate all areas of hair loss including the frontal hairline, anterior scalp, diffused top progression or any combination thereof.


What makes Micro-Fusion beautiful is what it can and will do for you!

Before and after picture of a women who has done the Microfusion Procedure

Before and After

You can wear your hair with confidence and freedom. There are no more restrictions, no necessity to wear styles that are more adept than others at covering your hair loss. Whether you want to keep up with the latest trends or simply find a style that you always liked but never could achieve, Micro-Fusion lets the choice be yours. You can exercise, swim, sweat and perform all the activities that you do now, without restriction. You don’t have to worry about where you can go, such as on a boat or riding in a convertible. No worries if someone touches your hair, if it gets wet, or if it’s a particularly windy day. No one wants to be a prisoner to their hair. What everyone wants is “freedom”, and Micro-Fusion gives that to you.”Freedom” to be who you are…. not someone your hair loss created.

Micro-Fusion is part of you! Not something you remove at the end of the day, but rather, an enhancement that becomes a part of your life. With Microfusion, you’ll look at yourself as you did before you started losing your hair. And so will everyone else. When you make that decision to do something about your hair loss and thinning hair, let Micro-Fusion and Guci Image do for you what it has done for so many others. Changed their life!! CALL NOW FOR A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION AND EVALUATION. (201) 734-0051.

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