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Is Tom Brady Hiding Just Like You?

This week sport superstar Tom Brady received a bunch of teasing twitter tweaking over his wearing of a big hat to his team’s preseason game

Trending? Who Cares.

For some reason, the pop gossip site Wonderwall has released a massive listing of the most startling celebrity hair transformations of 2019…right now, in the


Celine Dion, Wig Or Not?

The net was as much taken with Celine Dion’s new hairstyle as were a few blog posts and remarks incorrectly reporting that she had actually

The Confidence Of Wearing Hair

Last week Modern Family star Ariel Winter Instagram-ed what was her usual dark long locks sporting a new fiery red color. Decidedly, this young woman

Summer Hair Care

5 Summer Hair Care Tips To Protect Your Hair   Oh yes, the heat has been especially challenging this week in northern N.J.; we just

What Beyoncé Showed Off This Week

Lots is made of whatever Beyoncé does. From her last big concert special “Homecoming” on Netflix to her everyday appearances, the world is poised and


Lady Gaga Sees The True & Beautiful You

Lady Gaga just launched a video for her new cosmetic line, Lady Gaga Haus Laboratories. The Star Is Born star shows off various stunning visuals

What’s Good For Beyoncé Won’t Work For Us

Super diva Beyoncé is known for her many songs, stage performances, and wardrobe and hairstyles. Wigs, extension, braids, the 37-year-old-mom, singer and cultural icon, has

Looking Like Lizzo?

If you caught the 2019 BET Awards that just passed, you’d have been treated to some outfits and hair design that would have given even

Can you follow Serena Williams?

This week Serena Williams posted a picture of her braiding her baby daughter Olympia’s hair. The picture earned 600,000 likes, as much revealing the popularity