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So, Why A Guci Blog?

God knows there’s too much stuff to read, download and generally look at on the web. We all get our email bombarded with forwards and

Miley Has Nothing On Guci

As Halloween will, the ghouls and ghosties populated parties and tricks and treats this year bringing out the best (and worst) in costumes, as much

Melodika.net (press release)

Guci Image (GI) North Jersey’s premier destination for hair restoration is a one stop for all hair loss and hair related problems. Hair loss and

Hair Fashion News/For Immediate Release

Guci cosmetic image institute goes “ultra sonic” to intro hot new celeb hairstyles with “cold fusion” the latest in “extensions” trends & technology. Guci Cosmetic

Hair Loss Treatment Centers Help Women In North Jersey

Bergen Record reports on the Breakthrough Treatments Happening at Guci Image! Balding men can be the butt of many jokes. Comb-overs and bad toupees are never-ending comic fodder. But making fun of a woman with thinning hair? That’s just mean.