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To TV or not To TV…for Guci

There was Blow Out here in the U.S., there is Hair presently on air in the U.K. and plenty of reality shows where a classic

Guci Image Color

We have Kate Bosworth going an orange/red for a movie, Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne and even Ireland Baldwin all going purple and Kesha sporting a

4 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Most of the people think about preventing hair loss only after loosing a lot of it. If you start early, it is a lot easier,

Hair Restoration Northern NJ

As we’d all have to agree (at least those of us who live in the area) there are a bunch of hair salons in northern

Oscar Hair

Legendary Liza sported a blue streak, Jared Leto rocked long locks and Margot Robbie went with a plum coloring. Once again another awards show (The

Who Is Wearing Hair And Why Should We Care

The website http://www.nicehair.org/ has a whole section outing those celebs they think (and in some cases have had confirmed) are wearing hair. There are plenty

Let’s Hear It For Discretion at Guci

As our clients well know (and if you are not yet a client please be assured), whatever you come to Guci Image for ‘it’ pretty