Gisele Bündche Breastfeeding At Work

There are those clients who come to us and enjoy reading a book while we attend to their SHE extensions, others who like watching some T.V. while we apply their CTR system or just engage technicians in some catch-up gossip about their lives while we apply our Low Light Laser Treatment. A woman breast feeding… Read more »

Naked Vegas…A Show For Our Time?

There is no arguing the fact that cable T.V. has cut a deep swatch into network television audience viewership. Furthermore, we’d all have to agree that “reality” programming in its many guises shapes and sizes seems to be multiplying faster than the proverbial rabbit on these off-shoot cable networks. Who’s to say what will stay,… Read more »

Lions, and Tigers and Drones…Oh My!

Over at Maclife they are talking about the recent reveal of drones for ‘everyday’ use (the link here: There was even a “60 Minutes” piece on all this, but what Mac reports and what is most pervasive is that is going to be presenting their Amazon Prime Air (they hope by 2015) as… Read more »

The Holiday Shopping Rush, New Jersey Style

Not that it’s something to be particularly proud of in our own home state (and this all actually went down not a mere twenty minute drive from our offices) but at the rather new Wallmart in Garfield N.J. an incident occurred where police had to pepper spray a man during the Thanksgiving holiday sale onslaught…. Read more »

Kim Kardashian=Marilyn Monroe?

Kayne West is no stranger to shooting his mouth off, to making public displays with his stage shows, rapping controversial lyrics…and getting press for himself and his love Kim Kardashian. Kayne claimed through his decidedly myopic view of the world that not only was his lady “the most beautiful woman of all time” but that… Read more »

Holi-daze Hair

Is there any time of year that can see us getting nuttier then the holi-daze?! Surely weeks months pre-Thanksgiving then into whatever holiday you might celebrate in December (and beyond) can as much fill you with cheer as bleed your patience and wallet thin. One of the more popular holiday songs might boast that it’s… Read more »

Sony’s ‘Smart Wig’

Falling into the ‘so wacky an idea it might work’ category is seems Sony has filed for a patent for a device called the “SmartWig”. A false hair piece fitted with sensors, the hope is that the SmartWig could help people with medical concerns, aid boardroom exec’s and even help the blind. The sensors in… Read more »

Nicki Minaj: a queendom from head to toe

It does seem that when lots of our best and brightest reach the brass ring of celebrity, be it through years of acting, arduous concert touring or just managing to be seen on a reality show like any of the spate of The Housewives Of… or a Jersey Shore men and women both run wild… Read more »

Christina Aguilera: ‘braided’ and elegant at the AMA’s.

In a show-stopping performance at this year’s American Music Awards, Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World wowed the crowd with as much their playing and singing as Christina with her look during a chilling performance of “Say Something.” Wearing a sedate black gown The Voice judge, who has had much made of her weight… Read more »

The Duchess of Cambridge Going Grey? Say It Ain’t So!

Like most celebrities, the British royal family endures an immense amount of media scrutiny. Young or old, brand new members like baby William or old stalwarts like the ‘Queen Mum’ are photographed and written about as much as Miley Cyrus or George Clooney. Just recently tabloids were a’blaze about the seemingly increased amount of gray… Read more »