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Generalized Diffuse Hair Loss

Diffuse hair loss is a condition wherein hair loss or hair thinning occurs on the entire scalp and it affects both sexes. Unlike female or

CMA’s Trending…Hair?

Who can say what styles trend when they do, or why they do at all? Certainly at this past Wednesday night’s CMA awards, lots of

Does Coffee Cause Hair Loss?

Losing one’s crowning glory is a common dilemma faced by many people. While some can easily pull off bald look, others save themselves from embarrassment

Mariah Carey’s Prices

So you think a cut/color/service can cost you? The prices just released for Mariah Carey’s team of specialists who attend the diva when she steps-out

Genetic Hair Loss

The most common reason for hair loss in genetically inherited. It is not easy to control hair loss which is hereditary. Genetic hair loss is

Hair Dye and Hair Loss

Today, hair coloring has become the hottest trend among women and men. It is basically a practice of changing the color of hair or it

Our Perfect Hair?

Just this week Victoria’s Secret came under fire over new bra adds that show models like Behati Prinsloo and Lily Aldridge in beautiful poses with

Yoga To Prevent Hair Loss

Do you envy others for having healthy and lustrous hair? There’s no denying the fact that everyone aspires to have good hair. For both men

Halloween Hair

We come to this time of year everyone (adult and kids alike) seem to enjoy a little loosening-up of their inhibitions. A quick run through