Say No To Sugar?

Say No To Sugar?

In this blog posted a few weeks ago, we reported on a study that tied specific nutrients to possible hair growth. It’s not such a surprise to learn that good nutrition and maybe even some specific minerals and vitamins found in certain foods will keep us healthy…from head to toe. The findings were hopeful, yet not conclusive as to just what foods could help with hair growth and luster. But this week, another report from Beijing’s Tsinghua University finds a link between sugary drinks and male pattern balding.

Once again, it’s not Earth-shattering news to learn that juices high in sugar and sodas themselves might be detrimental to one’s health. But this study of over one-thousand men, ages 18 to 45, residing on the Chinese mainland reported that guys drinking an average of 4,293 milliliters per week of sugary stuff (that’s more than two-liter bottles of soda) had less hair than test subjects with full heads of hair drinking just 2,513 milliliters.

Surely, heightened blood sugar levels are not good for anybody, and sodas and other sugary drinks certainly pack a wallop of “bad” sugar. But this study of hair loss and sugar consumption might have found a link between the sugar one ingests from what one might be drinking and how thin or bald some men become.

Suffice it to say, into 2023, and beyond we want everyone to stay healthy. But by the time a client (man or woman) comes into our Paramus NJ offices, we are treating/addressing/working on a solution for their balding and thinning. Whatever genetics, diet, or lifestyle choices someone has or has not made that might or might not have aided in their hair loss, Guci Image is concerned with the here and now for making a person feel better about themselves by restoring the hair they have been missing with the hair they will wear.  

Balding or not, it might be best, that in this new year (and beyond) we all curb our sugar consumption.

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