Do They Actually Have More Fun?

Do They Actually Have More Fun?

Depending on how old you are or if you are a fan, you might have missed Billie Eilish’s much-discussed “blonde period.” Well, it happened, and the young singer recently explained how she “didn’t feel sexy for one second being blonde.”

Read all about it here.

Eilish debuted her blonde locks look in place of her usual raven hair at the release of her Happier Than Ever album. This color change also prompted a shift in what the lady began to wearsuddenly favoring form-fitting outfits over her usual baggy clothes and lime-green bangs.

“When I was blonde, people treated me differently. People completely changed their demeanor [around me],” she added about all this.

Do you, as a hair wearer, consider color so closely? Are you curious about the old axiom about blondes having a better time in life? When you ask for color during a service at our Paramus New Jersey salon, are you more concerned with covering grey than changing your color completely? Are you switching up hair color with each successive CTR unit? Are you looking for a wig with a drastically colorful color scheme?

Hiding gray or lightening a unit color is one thing, but as we have cautioned before, the big (and in this case, bright) changes you make to hair can draw attention you simply do not want. It’s ok for a Billie Eilish—although she seems to have been bothered by the reaction of changing color—but Guci Image customers, all hair wearers, need to consider color cautiously.

As to that age-old question of who is or is not having “more fun,” it seems those of us who can walk through our day knowing we look our best are probably welcoming a possible good time more than those of us who don’t feel so strong.

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