All That Hollywood Hair

All That Hollywood Hair

This new article online at the Hollywood Reporter, spells out the most recent hair loss solutions employed by the very best and brightest on the Hollywood scene. In addition to what the articles calls “Wigs, Toppers and Extensions,” one can read about the latest in laser treatments, as well as extensions and topical solutions considered. The only snag here is that most of what is expounded upon by hair surgeons and salon experts, is set at the sky-high prices one would expect to find in L.A.

This is Hollywood after all and plenty of celebrities are sitting for the various treatments mentioned above.

We all know (and we’ve blogged about it plenty here), that there really are so many of our best and brightest walking around wearing hair, or undergoing hair restoration, in one way or another. As much for a movie role they might be starring in, as it is part of their everyday style, actors of every age are enjoying all that’s on offer in hair replacement, hair restoration and hair ‘bettering.’ Almost every time we see a Hollywood star they have probably just been primped and styled by a make-up and hair attendant prior to stepping out of their limo. But we need also consider the illusion we might be fantasizing over with these folks who can afford the very best hair pieces, wigs and pretty much everything else for hair, body and skin that can be bought.

It is truly illusion that Hollywood lives and breathes on, so we can’t rightly damn the bespoke clothing, plastic surgery and styling that goes into delivering us our visual dreamland. But it’s good for all us all to keep perspective on how much more like us a Brad Pitt, a Kim Kardashian and a Katy Perry are than we could even begin to imagine.

Or we often care to consider.

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