Halloween Hair 2022

Halloween Hair 2022

Not that Heidi Klum had to worry too much, dressed head-to-toe as a worm. But from Kim Kardashian in blue latex and sporting slicked down red hair (coming to a party dressed in costume, but it wasn’t a costume party!) to Lizzo donning a Marge Simson Wig to JoJo Siwa as Draco Malfoy seeming to make her already yellow bright hair white, there was a lot of coloring, styling, and wig-wearing from our celebrities for this Halloween just passed.

This is how it comes to pass every year on Oct. 31st, as much around our northern New Jersey way as throughout the states. Ordinary folks, to our best known, show off in various outfits, makeup, and wigs, attempting to create a costume look, even if they are adults and aren’t going trick-or-treating. And while there are always enough controversies to go around, from the year’s sexier costumes being sold off of Yandy.com or a celebrity maybe traipsing across the bounds of what is considered good taste (as you see up above, what Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly got up to), ordinary folks, to our best known, show off in various outfits, makeup and wigs attempting to create a costume look.

And as always, those of us who wear hair take a step back to consider what we do every day that other people are just having a tickle with for one night or a long weekend of partying. Surely, no one is much concerned about All Hallows for disguising the fact that they are indeed wearing hair (one of the main concerns of a Guci Image customer). Still, it is amazing how much hair-changing takes place for the scary season. 

But Guci Image would never damn anyone a good scare, yummy candy, or this one-time-a-year dress-up. Bodysuits, makeup, capes, and fake fangs go back in boxes as much as wigs as we all wait for another 31st to come around again.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

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