Safe Chemicals

Safe Chemicals

As we have often said, it is not merely performing techniques expertly for hair restoration and hair replacement that is important at Guci Image. It is the materials we use in creating our CTR units and Lace wigs (and every other product), as well as the topicals we apply in tack downs and the chemicals in our hair dyes and shampoos that need to be safe.

Last week, the Journal of the National Cancer Institution published a new study that supports the oft-studied link between certain chemical hair straighteners (relaxers and pressing treatments) and dyes with uterine cancer. It has been considered for quite some time that certain hazardous chemicals in these products have “carcinogenic properties.”

Of course, more research will be conducted, but these early reports surely show a link.

Whatever you put on your scalp and in your hair, even if for a brief period of time, can surely have health consequences.

Living in the brushfire spread of TikTok videos as we do, we surely find plenty of folks screwing up their hair in unique ways. The self-inflicted injuries that come from putting Gorilla Glue on your hair or trying some other suddenly popular, but further hair-damaging trend is more or less the responsibility of a person who suddenly thinks up some hair-brained scheme or simply follows others because they make a claim that can’t just then be refuted. This is different, of course, from what might be lurking out there for us all when innocently trying to color or a new style for our hair, even when the color or style is executed by a professional.

This is why it is of the utmost importance that all salons, those dedicated to a hair restoration or not, vet their materials, chemicals, and certainly their technicians with the utmost scrutiny. 

Which is what Guci Image certainly does.  

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