Paramus…Still The Place To Be

Paramus…Still The Place To Be

As TikTok would have us believe, the Brownie Batter Brunette color trend (mixing balayage and babylights for what is being called a “most delicious brunette blend”) is big hair news this fall season. But closer to home, we have even bigger news for our hair replacement customers… Guci Image has moved.

Don’t worry; your favorite northern NJ hair replacement salon is still at 1 Kalisa Way in Paramus. We just moved the offices down the hall from where we once were. Updating our surroundings as every stylish salon should, offering the same exemplary service, working hard every day to continue to be the go-to hair restoration provider in the area, nothing has changed but our location.

Which is, again, right down the hallway from where we used to be.

Across nine chock-full pages of just Yelp alone, one could easily find a slew of hair restoration/replacement salon options across the NYC area. Having our salon in northern New Jersey, smack dab in the middle of one of the biggest commercial corridors on the east coast and one of the most densely populated and busiest in the entire country, we are under lots of pressure to deliver. And as we have often admitted, sitting as close to Manhattan as we do, men and women in this area are very aware of new hairstyles, trends, and undoubtedly up-to-the-minute techniques of hair replacement. And they expect nothing short of the best!

Added to all this NYC proximity is the modern hair wearer’s ability to vet products and services online. And then we all have news traveling at the speed of TikTok video postings. You can bet then that if a hair replacement/restoration salon were to deliver a less-than-perfect service or products of lesser quality, that salon couldn’t move far enough away from a bad reputation and all-too-soon closure. 
We look forward to seeing you at our new space, delivering what we always have.

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