Trust Your Hair To A Technician Who Cares…And Knows!

Trust Your Hair To A Technician Who Cares…And Knows!

Surely prompting a ‘you-don’t-know-how-good-you-have-it-with-your-Guci-technician’ reminder, this week Yahoo posted this report about a TikTok video that’s making the rounds. It seems a mom went to a hairstylist hoping to be given long curls just like Nicki Minaj but received a style and cut she did not expect. TikToker@aprilwatson51 shared the video of when her mom returned home with long blonde curls she certainly had not wanted; TikTok-ers good-naturedly, calling her hair “super noodles.”

Consulting, then being fitted for the right hair replacement system, is only one step in the Guci Image process. Returning to our Paramus salon via regularly scheduled appointments with your technician is most of the commitment you make in wearing hair. And you can best be assured our technician will never attempt anything with your hair that is not to the best of your interest…even if you ask.

No, no super noodles for you at Guci Image.

Generally speaking, men or women who wear hair, be it a Lace Wig, extensions, or a male hair replacement unit, realize that stepping beyond Guci Image for a cut, color, or some other application to change up their hair is not the very best idea. As with the TikTok post above, not all hair stylists are in sync with what you are looking for, and most of them are not technicians in even the most casual use of that word that a Guci customer would needs. 

And frankly, the very best hair cutter, world-class colorists, and even well-known “influencer” stylists usually don’t know how to work on the kind of hair we provide. This hair you have come to wear requires a whole different level of care and attention as if you didn’t know this already. Please, only ever trust a Guci Image technician with your hair color, cut, curl…and everything else your hair might need.

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