Looking To Catch Barbiecore?

Looking To Catch Barbiecore?

When it comes to hair replacement here at our Paramus NJ salon, we could easily quote from the first Godfather movie, where Don Vito Corleone says, “…children can be careless.” And indeed, they can be about their hair. But adults? Adults suffering from hair thinning or surely seeing signs of patterned baldness can’t be careless when it comes to what they might want to do about getting their hair back.

This article posted on England’s Hello magazine’s online portal explains the new trend of the “Barbiecore” hairstyle for modern, albeit younger, wearers. Celebrating Mattel’s leading lady more this year than most (and with Barbie: The Movie, starring Margot Robbie as the lady doll, coming out next year), it seems there has been more emphasis on pink in celebrity culture hair and overall pastel hair glazes. (And not just Barbie-fying in hair styles). Add wild curls and updos into the mix, and it seems we are in the throes of an honest-to-goodness candy-confection bubbly trend. But we all know, that not only will trends come and go, but in this case, decidedly a younger set of fashionable folks will explore Barbiecore to its core.

This is what we mean by children can be careless, or in this case, ‘carefree’ or at least teens and young adults can. Guci Image clients can’t.

The people who come to us enter into a committed, adult relationship with Guci. Well aware of their hair ‘situation’ by the time they come through our doors for their initial consultations, these are adult men and women who have been trying to battle their balding for quite a while, sometimes engaging in some very creative ways to cover, finally deciding to take the step and make the commitment to restore their confidence and youthful appearance. And while undoubtedly, we address, utilize and explore trends, cuts, and colors, these considerations are generally the provenance of the much younger person. 

At Guci Image we are working hard to address adult concerns.

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