Do You Worry As Much As a Real Housewife Of New Jersey?

Do You Worry As Much As a Real Housewife Of New Jersey?

We know that there is a good amount of daily consideration each Guci Image customer goes through. Whether you wear extensions or a CTR unit, scheduling monthly appoints at our Paramus salon or making sure the hair you wear looks its best when you come off a whole day at the beach (or just flipping out of a pool), there are lots a hair replacement/restoration client thinks about on a regular basis. But when one looks across this video or reads the stories of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice’s hairstyle considerations for her wedding this week, it makes the rest of us New Jersians, hair wearers or not, pale by comparison with our concerns.

When you consider Teresa’s ‘do’ cost ten thousand dollars to create, took umpteenth hours, and her stylist had to use 1500 pins to keep her hair and crown together, coming into Guci Image once a month and keeping your hair as healthy as possible, seems like a small price to pay. But Teresa’s wedding was a pretty big deal, and whether one lives in New Jersey or not, a lady does need to look her best for that special day.

The worry over our hair is relative. Most of us are not celebrities and are not being seen by anyone beyond coworkers, family, and friends. But the Guci Image customer is undoubtedly concerned with their style and having hair…which is why people come searching for hair replacement options in the first place. And why Guci Image is a top hair replacement salon in the same state good old Teresa lives in.

Whether it’s the most important day of your life (even if you are going through it for a second time) or just an ordinary day of the week for running around to the office and shopping, how our hair looks matters. And your hair certainly matters to Guci Image.

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