In The Middle Of These All Too Inevitable Dog Days Of Summer

In The Middle Of These All Too Inevitable Dog Days Of Summer

Well, we warned you, didn’t we? Every start of summer around our Paramus NJ way (and it hits all of NJ actually), the heat and humidity slips in, and our hair wearers have to stay vigilant in keeping their Guci appointments, make sure they watch how much sun, fun, and chlorine they get, how much they might come to over-wash and condition their hair from that sun, fun, and chlorine and endure the all-too inevitable, dog days of summer.

We are certainly sympathetic to what our customers are up against this time of year. Vacations, day trips, backyard pool parties, and picnics get in the way of those regular appointments. How we all take to too much hat-wearing to avoid the heat and the overall general bad treatment we give our CTR units, lace wigs, and extensions because of summer circumstances. But glue loosens in the heat, and when we can’t get in as frequently for services the hotter weather will take an undue toll on this hair we wear.

Just recently, the net was alive with the news of how Demi Lovato made a big change sporting a shoulder-length bob with blunt bangs in her Substance video. But we all know hair replacement customers cannot just simply manage just to go shorter when it gets hotter, or thin out their hair (not that they ever would really!) unless they have planned well for a new cut with their technician months beforehand…and even then, the change can be problematic.

Halfway into July now, either what we all planned for or suspected and just ignored, the summer is upon us, and we are all no doubt feeling the heat…in so many ways when it comes to our hair. Get into Guci when you can, and we can tackle this summer together. 

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