What The YouTube Beauty Festival Taught Us

What The YouTube Beauty Festival Taught Us

Although, admittedly it might skew to a slightly younger audience than the average age of Guci Image hair restoration customers, there was lots to take away from the recently aired YouTube Beauty Festival. Expanded to what the broadcast industry has taken to calling a ‘hybrid event,’ presented as it was in live moments at an actual indoor spot with an audience as there were virtual snippets, what viewers were treated to were influencers, fashionistas and celebrities showing off forty different brands of beauty products, which could be ordered as they appeared.

Actress Tracellee Ellis Ross took a shower on stage as much showcasing her good humor as the Pattern hair care products she sells, there was a booth for Feny Beauty by Rihanna and well-known stylists and products creators like Sir John, and Donni Davy from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

As noted, the viewership here skewed young, as was evidenced by the many references made to HBO’s new hit show Euphoria that seemed to have inspired so much of the fashion products seen on YouTube’s event. But with a surprise appearance by Jennifer Aniston showing up at a salon at the very end of the broadcast, rather good-natured beauty considerations were felt through the two-hour-plus show.

It’s hard to avoid social media’s influence in our professional and personal lives. Guci Image is as affected as any other business by the ever-changing face of culture and trends, and surely there is a lot to be gleaned from a YouTube Beauty Festival as there is a hair restoration TikTok trend. But the basics at our NJ hair restoration salon have never changed in the decades we have been in business; restore or replace that which our customers no longer have but surely want back, in the most undetectable way.

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