Memorial Day Once Again

Memorial Day Once Again

The start of summer in New Jersey is certainly unique. Come Memorial Day weekend, there is a near pilgrimage to shore points, outside grilling becomes de rigueur, and the opening of suburban pools occupy plenty of suburban homeowners’ time. It’s also the start of the summer hair care season we caution you about every year. And for those men and women who wear hair, the next three months in northern NJ, where the Guci Image Paramus salon is, can be especially challenging.

The Sun

The sun can take its toll on hair extensions, lace wigs, or male hair units, just as it can on natural hair and skin. And while we don’t slather sunscreen into our hair, the judicious use of a hat or getting into the shade every now and again as you are out and about in the blazing sun is always a good idea to protect your locks. George Harrison tells us it’s coming (see and hear here) but be careful of the sun.

Take care in the ocean.

While certainly a more natural environment than a pool, the ocean can ravage your hair but good with its salt and wave bombardment. Washing your hair after a day out in the water (and sun and sand) is always a good idea.

Take care in the pool.

We can’t mention it enough and have done here in this blog plenty over the years; chlorine can be a killer on hair! Don’t skimp on the backyard swimming but be careful to wash your hair well after a good long day going under, in, and around all those pool chemicals. They are especially harsh on hair and skin.

Despite vacation schedules, try and keep to your regular Guci Image appointments.

Yes, we all like to get away from work, even if one works at home. Even just a few days away from the computer for some day trips or to chill in the backyard does us all a world of good. But as you wind down through a vacation, don’t forget to keep to your regular Guci Image appointments. It’s all too easy to fall behind in your bookings when you just feel like taking off for a few days.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone

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