Do You Feel Like Margot Robbie?

Do You Feel Like Margot Robbie?

Two years ago, actress Margot Robbie told The Hollywood Reporter, “Whatever you’re thinking, it’s not that,” about early conjecture over the live-action Barbie movie she stars in, coming out in July. And this week, from CinemaCon, the world got what seems to be a pretty ‘expected’ version of Robbie’s “Barbie.” In the press shot from the movie, the actress can be seen sitting and smiling behind the wheel of a pink Corvette, wearing a polka-dotted headband, a blue-and-white halter top, the signature blonde Barbie curls falling to her shoulders.

Revealing something a client might not be thinking about when they start to wear hair is precisely what Guci Image is after…whether you come to wear Barbie-like blonde curls or not. We live to see our clients’ surprise over seeing more hair on their heads and how they suddenly feel. The change in demeanor from someone coming into us fretting over their thinning hair, then leaving with a perfectly fitted CTR unit or some luscious extensions is possibly our best reward.

And we see these transformations from what a client might be thinking to the even more positive result they get, all the time.

As there are many ways a hair restoration salon can satisfy a client, there are just as many expectations that clients might have, either from their research or simply their dreams. Through initial consultations, technicians working on expert fitting, then cut-ins, coloring, and styling, the Guci Image goal (as should be of any hair salon delivering hair replacement or even a simple monthly cut) is to exceed expectations, delivering well beyond what someone has been thinking to what they could never have dreamed. 

Marrying science and art, Guci Image hair restoration is about taking your expectation on what you think hair restoration might be and showing you what it is…in the many wonderful ways you can appreciate.

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