Can You Do As Demi Moore Do(es)?

Can You Do As Demi Moore Do(es)?

For many a Hollywood female celebrity (a Dolly Parton, a Tina Turner, Megan Thee Stallion) wigs are a staple of their hairstyle, as are extensions on plenty of women on the various “House Wives Of…” shows. But this weekend, L.A. hairstylist Gregory Russell let it be known that one of his famous clients, Demi Moore, sports her very own waist-length long brown locks.

This was a revelation to those who play the game of constantly conjecturing who wears what and when. But it seems, like Crystal Gayle before her, a lady who actually still sports long locks, Demi Moore has been able to naturally maintain her thick length retention…albeit with the styling talents of Russell and the products he most likely recommends and uses.

With an estimated 50% of all women experiencing some noticeable hair loss during their lifetime, FPHL (female-pattern hair loss) is a real concern to lots of the female population. Causes as much can come from menopause, from traction alopecia (hair loss caused because of certain hairstyles pulling on a lady’s roots) to the over-working of an abnormal thyroid to the aforementioned genetically triggered FPHL. 

A good part of what we do at Guci Image is fit clients for wigs and hair extensions. And as much as we work with male hair units, we endeavor to produce great-looking hair in wigs and with extensions that is undetectable from a wearer’s natural hair, last well, and are easily manageable. Of course, if one is lucky enough to grow and maintain long hair like a Moore or Rapunzel, so be it. We just know we won’t be seeing Demi walking through our Paramus, NJ hair salon anytime soon, but we will plenty of women looking for long locks or hoping to battle their thinning hair.

And when they come, we are here for them as we are everyone with the very best hair restoration solutions.

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