A Cheaper Alternative To Hair Replacement Might Be No Alternative At All

A Cheaper Alternative To Hair Replacement Might Be No Alternative At All

Right now, a balding man can go and grab a stock hair replacement system in a store or order one online. Or, if he wants to wait a mere two weeks, he can order a custom unit. A lady, too, can get a wig off-the-rack if she likes.

Men and women can’t do this at Guci Image.

The hair restoration/hair replacement business is like any other. There are salons hiring excellent colorists and expert hair technicians who work very hard to fit, cut, color, and all but help customers keep their high-end wigs, male hair replacement units, extensions, and whatever else one might order to battle their balding in the very best shape as possible. Then there are those salons (if these places could even call themselves salons, they are more like warehouses, really) that sell inferior grade hair pieces and hire “stylists” who don’t know so very much about how to best fit, cut or color a hair replacement unit.  

The internet and social media undoubtedly facilitate the advertising reach of places and people who are far from tops in our field…in any field, actually. And offering inferior quality and a less skilled workforce these places can present their wares at lower prices.  But in our business, the warning of you get what you pay for is as important to consider as a dime a dozen. The consideration, creation, fitting, styling, and coloring of hair replacement units, luscious wigs, extensions, and everything else we deliver at our Paramus NJ salon, is as much our art as it is our business. And yes, while you will pay more for what we give you than you would at a quick-fix hair replacement factory (but in some cases not so very much more, seeing as you might very well have to replace an inferior unit a lot quicker than a better one) Guci Image stands behind our sterling reputation because it is a rep we have well earned.

That cheaper alternative might not really be an alternative after all.

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