Lady Gaga Makes Her Hairstylist Cry

Lady Gaga Makes Her Hairstylist Cry

Guci Image technicians certainly go above and beyond for their hair wear clients. But would a visitor to our Paramus salon ever come to tears? We certainly hope not! But it seems Lady Gaga’s hairstylist/friend, Frederic Aspiras, came to real tears while styling the diva’s hair.

Aspiras was on hand to style Lady Gaga’s hair for her latest role playing, Patrizia Reggiani, in the new movie House of Gucci. In one turn, Gaga asked Aspiras to dye her hair brown to prepare for her playing the role of the Italian socialite who hired a hitman to kill her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci. 

“We re-dyed her real hair from her platinum signature blonde hair back to brown months before the movie was shot, just so that she could feel be in the character,” Aspiras told People Magazine. “It was past her shoulder, it was very healthy, gorgeous, and wanted to color it brown. And I was so besides myself. I was crying.” 

The five-month process for preparing Gaga for House Of Gucci required Frederic Aspiras to create ten wigs and what he called a “500-page directory” detailing all of his famous client’s hairstyles. But you know that there’s no multi-page directory for your Guci Image technician to follow, no dying your hair one day, changing it by the next visit. And indeed, none of our customers is deciding through ten wigs at a time. 

But major moviemaking with stars of Lady Gaga’s caliber happens on a Herculean scale; your needs with us are much more modest. Although just as important.

Consistency and his love of Lady Gaga’s blonde hair color seem to have prompted Frederic Aspiras’s tearful reaction. When it comes to hair replacement and hair restoration, consistency is one of our biggest concern as well.

It’s just that nobody is crying over at the Guci Image salon.

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