Get In Now; The Holidays Are Here!

Get In Now; The Holidays Are Here!

In the middle of Hanukkah 2021 presently, Christmas and Kwanzaa all but in their way, and the swirl of the usual shopping tsunami we have mentioned that happens around our northern NJ corridor, Guci Image would as much like to wish everyone a happy and safe few weeks. We also need to urge our clients to make their hair care appointments…now!

There is no way to guarantee that the cut-ins, color, attachments, and fittings that you need will happen when you need them to unless you call Guci Image as early as you can to make your end-of-the-year services. More than probably any other time of the year, this is when time becomes ever more truncated and stresses mount. But we can’t impress upon you enough how important it is that you get to booking with us. 

Yes, your hair matters that much!

Fortunately, most Guci Image custumers plan their visits well in advance, especially preparing for this crazy time of year with having already booked in these holiday times. But there are other clients we have yet to see, who have not yet booked their monthly service with us and we surely want to get in everyone we can.

And we do want to get in everybody.

Picking out an awful holiday sweater to answer your yearly tradition, having to make an appearance at the office holiday party, maybe taking in the sights and sounds of a Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacularor just being prepared for your nearest and dearest to lift a drink and open some presents, we all want to look our best. So, in the long list of what you need to do, making our Paramus NJ salon an essential holiday stop will only make the next few weeks sail along that much sweeter.

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