Angelina Jolie Does Not Get Extended…Correctly

Angelina Jolie Does Not Get Extended…Correctly

Even a celebrity can have a bad hair day…with her hair extensions.

Angelina Jolie attended the Eternals movie premiere in Rome on Sunday. She stars as “Thena” in this new superhero movie and showed up with some of her kids in tow to support it. But walking down the red carpet in a shimmery stunning Versace dress, social media ignited less over her gown than the fact that the lady’s waist-length hair extensions weren’t attached properly. Jolie’s natural hair seemingly ends just below her shoulders, where her extensions could be clearly seen attached in a choppy look.

This ‘distraction’ earned Jolie a rash of comments across the web, as you can guess.

Being able to discern where a hair wearer’s natural hair ends and their extensions begin or seeing the obvious seam between a hair replacement unit and the wearer’s hair or head is something we can never let happen at Guci Image. That such a styling faux pas can happen to a person of such a high-profile (at such a high-profile event) as an Angelina Jolie, with a stylist right on hand (but not so very much ‘on’ this night) should give us all pause.

As we’ve always been working hard to impress upon our family of clients or the men and women right now thinking of coming to our Paramus New Jersey salon, it’s as much the materials we use as the skills of our technicians (the way we use those materials) that makes the difference in hair replacement. The very best hair compound creation, the most up-to-date non-surgical medical-grade grafting, and pretty much every other way Guci Image is unique to the world of hair replacement systems wouldn’t matter at all if we didn’t pay particular attention to how we fit and attach hair.

The full expert and complete range of the hair replacement/hair restoration process is what we promise and what you can always expect at Guci Image.

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