What Will We See (of clothes and hair) At The 2021 Academy Awards?

What Will We See (of clothes and hair) At The 2021 Academy Awards?

As this recent Variety article reports, celebrity styles might prove very interesting for the 93rd Oscar telecast this Sunday night.

While celebrities and their official designers and stylists approached the past year’s socially distanced award shows and Hollywood outings as sedately as possible, as colors and cuts, wardrobe choices and fashion accessories were chosen with ever special care and caution, and the ubiquitous red carpet was usurped by Zoom gatherings that revealed stars at home lounging on their couches, (sometimes in pajamas) the 2021 Academy Awards might see a return to the high glamorous haute couture.

Since the Oscars is a televised production, people appearing on camera for the show are not required to wear masks. It’s anybody’s guess who might or not and how this will play to how this singular Hollywood event goes off this year. What might we see in hairstyles in addition to wardrobe? Where so much has been made, even by celebrities, about stay-at-home cuts, DYI-coloring, and some sure attention not to pay attention to their hair, Sunday could prove the day where our American royalty decide to present their hair, as well ad their clothes, better than they have been able to all year. 

Certainly, all those extensions, wigs, hairpieces, and implants the men and women of Hollywood wear so well (and have paid so much for) will be on display in the best way possible.

Nominees Gary Oldman, Lakeith Standfield, Viola Davis and Laura Allen/ Matthew Mungle/Kimberley Spiteri (these last three nominated for Makeup And Hairstyling specifically) will step into this ceremony as much proving how far we have all come in the past year as well as cautioned with how much has changed. From Paramus, N.J., where the Guci Image hair replacement salon is, to deep in the center of the U.S. to clear across the world, people will be watching The 93rd Academy Awards come this Sunday night, of that fact we can all be sure.

What will we see?

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