The Do That Demi Do Will You Do Too?

The Do That Demi Do Will You Do Too?

Changing up one’s hairstyle means nothing to a 28-year-old pop star. But it seems Demi Lovato’s new cut, where she’s shorn her locks to a super short cut, is making news. The new style has her fans posting, was a hot topic of conversation when Lovato recently visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show and for the singer herself, she admits feeling “…so free,” over her new cut.

Cutting one’s hair, though, for those who wear hair might not be as freeing. And it’s certainly a consideration that should not be taken lightly.

Wearing a Guci Image Lace wig, a CTR unit, extensions engenders the wearer’s constant attention. And the question of what a hair-wearer might come to do to their unit or wig (until their new one arrives) is something we advise and caution on customers on all the time. As we have said time and again, one can’t act on a whim when one wears hair; a new cut, changing-up a style, or even coloring should be well considered.

We trust the Guci customer to trust the Guci technician to as much refit a unit, work hard at a ‘cut in,’ as advise them over a new cut. Attention first and foremost needs to be on skirting the fine line between staying stylish and up-to-date with current trends while still wearing your hair in a way that is undetectable. 

While we all know hair envy rises and falls continuously from those who do not have their natural hair to experiment with (to color, cut, and style as one wants), there are just some realities the Guci Image customer has to face. And one of the biggest is: As much as not every cut will flatter every person’s face, there are those cuts that will simply not work with the hair you wear.

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