Did Garth Brooks Make a Hair-Raising Statement at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration?

Did Garth Brooks Make a Hair-Raising Statement at the 2021 Presidential Inauguration?

One might think when watching a Presidential Inauguration, the moment is enough of a historical event that people would have their hearts, heads, and yes, even gossip, on politics more than trivial concerns. But at Joe Biden’s swearing-in this past Wednesday, the Twitterarti sparked to life over seemingly one burning question above many others…has Garth Brooks undergone hair transplant surgery?

Answering an invite to perform on this most important day from First Lady Jill Biden, Brooks sang “Amazing Grace.” And during his rendition of the famous hymn, he removed his signature cowboy hat. To many, the 58-year-old country superstar seemed to be sporting what appeared to be a much fuller and darker-colored head of hair than anyone has seen on Garth in years.

If Mr. Brooks has added to what seems to be the male pattern baldness he has been experiencing for some years now, one can be assured he has the means and finances to receive the very best implants around. Pretty much something along the lines of Guci Image’s SmartGraft Hair Transplants would serve Mr. Books best. Anyone looking for a hair transplant solution for their thinning hair or balding needs to be assured that the procedure is as minimally invasive as possible and as up-to-the-minute in its development and application as scientifically possible.

Which, of course, Guci Image’s SmartGraft is. 

Of course, Brooks, a reported Republican, was also questioned beyond his hair changes. All over the #Inauguration and the like, criticism was level at Brooks of why he had shown this day for a Democratic President. Brooks, who has performed at plenty of inaugurations in the past, simply stated: “This is not a political statement.” “This is a statement of unity.” 

Garth Brooks has yet to address his hair replacement rumors…not that any of us assume he will.


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