Tom Hanks Hates Being Bald

Tom Hanks Hates Being Bald

Among the many pop news stories making the first few days of the New Year, actor Tom Hanks weighed in during a call-in appearance on Graham Norton’s show over having shaved his head for a movie role. He is playing Elvis Presley’s infamous manager Colonel Tom Parker and had to be bald for the part.

Bald men who are clients of Guci Image might find it hard to sympathize with the 64-year-old actor. And we all know plenty of actors are sporting some sort of hair replacement or have undergone hair transplant surgery(and many more we don’t know about). Most bald men would just ache for enough hair to be able to shave it and temporarily bemoan being bald…confident that it will grow back someday!

Indeed, there are plenty of men who ‘go bald’ when they start thinning, and lots adopt this look and make it work for them. We wish them well. But as the top N.J. hair replacement salon, our ethos pushes back against male pattern baldness and hair thinning to provide what so many men (and women, of course) want back in their life…a thick, healthy, well-styled and colored, head of hair.

Premediated and self-inflicted baldness provide one with time to consider what’s coming, to take to one’s head as one wishes, and to truly appreciate what’s gone…and again, if one is not actually bald, what’s going to return.  But a Guci Image customer mostly knows that what they once had will not return…at least not without some help. And Guci Image is there to help in so many ways.

Let the Tom Hanks of this world play their parts, adopt wardrobe, accents, and certainly specific hairstyles or no hair at all. Guci Image provides a consistent hair replacement solution for clients who do not want to be bald!

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