Get In & Get Serviced in 2021

Get In & Get Serviced in 2021

As we count on Netflix and Amazon Prime to keep producing ever-more interesting binge-worthy fair, and any combination of the Kardashian-Jenner ladies will make the daily news, we are hoping come the New Year you will indeed stay vigilant on your regular hair replacement services. Certainly, going into 2021, the pandemic will still be upon us (but seemingly lightening in the face of vaccinations), but one shouldn’t lose step with their normal routines. Even though 2020 will go down in record as one of the most upsetting, unsettling, and uninspiring years we have ever lived through, keeping to traditions and living life makes us feel as normal as possible in this new-not normal at all-world we now live in.

Even in the best times, it’s easy to let a hair appointment lapse for yet another week. After the rush of the holidays, we all tend to want to kick back, fret over the extra pounds we gained, and avoid the cold north N.J. days. But keeping to your regular Guci Image servicing, whatever that happens to be, is imperative to keeping the hair that you wear looking as good as it always has.

Marie Claire and The Hair Trend just published their predictions for female and male hair trends in the upcoming year. But these won’t matter to any Guci Image customer at all if, first and foremost, you don’t attend to the continued care of your CTR unit, extensions or suddenly halt your Laser Light Treatments. What Guci Image does with you is as much the basis for a good amount of your continued confidence as any style, cut, or color you might take to in 2021.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful holiday, that we see you soon and that 2021 for all of us is a whole lot better than our 2020.

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