Keeping Keeps?

Keeping Keeps?

By now, you have probably seen the more recent commercials for Keeps hair loss treatment. But as with every hair loss/regrowth/replacement treatment appearing on the market, the usual question bubbles to the surface when we see anything new: does it work? We know what we offer at Guci Image is some of the very best hair replacement and hair regrowth options available. But what of these new claims and products that keep popping up?

In this case, is Keeps a keeper?

Lots of what you are getting with Keeps is generic Propecia, generic Rogaine, and generic Rogaine foam. Also, with a subscription, the company sends the customer a generic Ketoconzaole shampoo, which is a prescription formula used to treat dandruff, itchiness, and flaking. The price of these topical solutions is relatively economical as compared to buying them individually over the counter, and these products have been known to promote hair growth and halt hair loss (although the jury is out still on what the Ketoconzaola shampoo does for hair loss), to varying degrees of success. But beyond a slightly lesser price and the convenience of not having to leave the house to get these products, there isn’t much more Keeps is offering.

And again, this is not, in any way, what Guci Image offers our customers at our N.J hair salon.

Indeed, we all want the magic pill. The modern scientific solution. The final and lasting application that will give us back the hair we have lost and leave us never worrying about hair loss ever again. Cheaper, more convenient, ever-newer options excite us, as they should; advertisements are geared to play on our vanity. But as long as we have been in business in the northern New Jersey area working with hair loss clients, we have seen too any of these new hair loss cures come and go.

And Guci Image always remains.




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