We Are Not Sorry, Brad Mondo

We Are Not Sorry, Brad Mondo

A strange little 4-word phrase seems to be all the rage for people coloring their hair, using TikTok to show off the results. “I’m sorry, Brad Mondo,” are what self-colorists (as well as those who insist on cutting their hair) declare when posting less-than-stellar results, hoping that an NYC-based stylist, Brad Mondo, will react. Mondo doesn’t offer encouragement (or an appointment); mostly, he watches silently and raises an eyebrow or spreads a smile to what is posted. Mondo has been recording and posting his reactions to at-home do’s since 2017, where he began offering thirty-minute clips explaining the hair dye process. The TikTok shorter format only allows for his quick reactions.

With an almost 7-million strong viewership (see here), it seems the public is playing out the old “even bad news is good news” ethos. But here at Guci Image, we work hard, so our customers come away with only the best colors and cuts. Striving for the most natural-looking application of hair and attention to styles that bolster the hair wearer’s overall appearance, the only attention we want our customers to receive about their hair is positive. 

The work we do in our Paramus N.J. hair-restoration salon is a hide-in-plain site endeavor. A well-kept secret between Guci Image and each of our customers, it’s crucial that our clients leave our salon satisfied and confident in their appearance, knowing that if anyone looks at their hair, it’s because their hair looks so great, not because anything can be detected about it. TikTok-ers might be looking for quick affirmation or an ever-so-brief connection with a modern media celebrity. At Guci Image, our intention for your hair is different. 

As it has to be.

There’s plenty in this crazy old world that’s fun, superfluous, and downright silly. And indeed, we need the breezy interplay of TikTok to get us through modern life…especially lately. But no, we are not sorry, Brad Mondo; Guci Image will keep working the way we always have.


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