Don’t Do As Chrissy Rasmusszen Does

Don’t Do As Chrissy Rasmusszen Does

Getting back to our hair replacement services in the light of the COVID-19 shutdown was of utmost concern to Guci Image during the shutdown. Finally, Gov. Murphy rescinded restrictions for salons and other businesses like ours to be able to see clients again, and it was a happy day indeed when we reopened to welcome you all at the end of June. But as you well have experienced when visiting our N.J. hair replacement salon, we still need to keep to stringent protocols when seeing clients, and nobody knows how long these protocols will have to stay in place. As we have from the beginning of this ‘new-anything-but-normal’ we so appreciate your patience and support.

Just this week, it was revealed that Habit Salon, a Los Angeles/Arizona-based hair care center, was attending to their customers mask-less. The salon’s owner Chrissy Rasmusszen, has been posting videos via TikTok, showing her seeming no-mask policy. With such a well-known hair salon posting videos like this, you can be rest assured Rasmusszen is experiencing more than a little backlash across social media.

Habit boasts a clientele of modern-day YouTube celebrities and influencers, with the salon’s in-house Hair By Chrissy account having amassed 1.5 million followers. But people operating any business in L.A. and ignoring the mandatory mask mandate can easily be fined up to $500.00.

We can’t speak to what Rasmusszen is doing in ignoring the current CDC protocols or how she could not be aware that posting videos of her current policy wouldn’t be commented upon. What we can speak to is how Guci Image will work diligently to assure your safety in these uncertain times. We want to continue to service you as fully as we can, but the health and well-being of clientele and workers have to be our priority…as it always has been.

Keep wearing your mask, and let’s all stay healthy.

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