Seeing Your Hair Through Megan Thee Stallion’s Eyes

Seeing Your Hair Through Megan Thee Stallion’s Eyes

Bejeweled braids, sky-high updos, candy-colored pigtails, long luscious ponies, and impossible color beehives; what else could one want from a modern rap video? Certainly, Megan Thee Stallion makes us all a little jealous in her latest “Don’t Stop” video. From her a full-on sexy assault of latex clothing, Lewis Carroll-influenced sets, and yes, all her imaginative hairstyling (and color), the 25-year-old female rapper gives Cardi B a run for her money in the new clip. But in all this fanciful styling, is there anything a Guci Image customer could hope to make their own? Is there any ‘there’ there for our clients (men and women both) looking to emulate the style, cut, or color of a modern music video?

Hair accessories like fake jewelry or colorful extensions are surely nothing new. But at Guci Image, we are in the business to outfit our hair replacement customers with extensions and braids that add to their fullness and cover thinning. And coloring one’s hair to a neon-bright or unusual color is all fine and dandy, but not so practical for those men and women who wear hair. Highlighting or covering gray is all well and good, but one needs to temper one’s color palette when considering how it looks (and draws attention) to hair, not theirs.

As we always report, the chasm between celebrity styles and hot video couture and what we do for you is wide. Most of our clients are not leaving our Paramus hair replacement salon, ready to jump into an Alice In Wonderland-like music video. But we are all susceptible to what we see and what we might begin to wish for as one’s confidence returns the longer one wears hair. As the world responds positively, )not knowing the personal secret you hide) the more you might want to make outrageous hair statements.

Best leave all that for the Megan Thee Stallions of the world.

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