Considering the cost of your hair replacement in light of Trump’s “Hairgate”

Considering the cost of your hair replacement in light of Trump’s “Hairgate”

Decidedly, it would be best if you read the bulk of this blog with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek.

The world learned this week from this New York Times report, that President Trump supposedly spent $70,000.00 on hairstyling expenses when he hosted “The Apprentice.” In light of what a Guci Image client pays, and how they pay, we certainly hope our N.J. hair replacement clients would agree that they get what they pay for and what they pay for is something very good indeed.

We are ever sympathetic to and have designed a wide range of payment options over the fact that our clients need to figure into their budget the expense of their hair replacement, as well as its consistent styling and care. We hope the men and women who come to us stay long-term, as much fitted for the hair they want as committed to the best way they can comfortably afford that hair. As for what the President could afford, plenty of professional stylists have already weighed in over Trump’s “Hairgate.” The high-end of network television production sees stars’ stylings reach incredible, often excessive, expenditure. And nobody truly knows what all was done to the Donald Trump’s hair when he was merely a TV show host and well-known New York City mover-and-shaker. Most likely, Mr. Trump had his hair person (or maybe even a team of them) on retainer. He might have also been receiving some hair replacement himself.

Indeed, the men and women who work hair in the television field know all about network budgets and what kind of astronomically high salaries they can demand.

In the modern age, our politicians are considered equal to celebrities. At Guci Image, we consider our clients our celebrities, deserving of the very best. And we will always provide everyone who steps into our Paramus, N.J. salon the best of what they need and the best way they can afford it.


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