Cardi B Brightens Our COVID Summer With “WAP”

Cardi B Brightens Our COVID Summer With “WAP”

Trying to schedule a visit to Guci Image into your post-lockdown catching-up? Attempting to make sense of your kid’s New Jersey back-to-school schedule? Surfing at-home work assignments or dealing with the residue of furloughs and newly formed office dramas? Yes, lots happened and continues to happen to all of us in these trying times. But don’t worry, Cardi B has just ‘dropped’ the new video for her song “WAP” to relieve all stress.

As the top hair replacement salon in northern New Jersey, minders of fashion and style, and forever interested in culture, we couldn’t ignore this wild video for Cardi B’s new super sexy song. And we know, that once you see it, you will be just as taken with it. Glorious in its over-the-top revealing wardrobes, amazing Alice-In-Wonderland-like sets, wild hair extensions, updos, and ponytails…and yes the song itself, this video just might make this summer of 2020, end on a bright note.

The beat, lyric, and production make for a sure-fire hit, but the video surely lifts the viewer up, up and away. Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and a host of other celebrity rapper ladies (plus one very special secret cameo not to be believed) genuinely deliver in the very best way pure entertainment is supposed. Taken into the surreal (and naughty) landscape that Cardi B presents for the few minutes of the clip, she dares us all to remember what is presently happening around us.

Back to the reality of cutting, color, service, and making sure your hair replacement unit and extensions look as best as possible. Applying our scientific approach to growing hair with techniques like laser light therapy and our CoolSculpting® body contouring process, we are well aware of the world’s realities. And how we best can positively help our clients. But just for a few moments, step onto Cardi B.’s world and forget your troubles.

Go here for the “WAP” video.

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