Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

We have to stretch as far back as 1925 and Anita Loos’ novel Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, to find what might be the genesis for the idea that blondes have more fun. In Loo’s story, her young blonde ‘flapper’ character is tearing up the world roaring through the Roaring Twenties. And of course Marilyn Monroe  showed us in the film of the same name that diamonds might just be a blonde lady’s best friend and Rod Stewart titled an album around the same idea. But beyond books, movies and classic albums, there is no scientific evidence to support the fact that those sporting blonde locks, real or dyed, are enjoying life any more than anybody else.

But this week, Emily Ratajkowski, Kylie Jenner, and Cindy Crawford’s supermodel daughter Kaia Jordan Gerber revealed blonde locks where they usually have sported darker (Ratajkowski has just signed a partnership deal with hair care company, Kérastase, so that reveals her motivation).

As we’ve speculated here before, we are sure to see some startling differences in cuts and colors of the hair of the famous and no-so-famous post-quarantine. Some of those differences will be from self-preservation, with people unable to get to their friendly neighborhood Paramus, NJ hair care salon (although Guci Image is now open). Some of those differences will come just from boredom. Some will come from folks wanting to see a real change in what they perceive as ‘the new normal’ of the world. And where best to show-off that change than in what you wear…in clothes or in your hair?

At our N.J. hair replacement salon, we are just happy to be getting back to work. Whether it’s a ‘new normal,’ we will need to succumb to, or just the way Guci Image attends to clients for the foreseeable future, we know for men and women wearing hair, having to put off regular service has been stressful. A hair replacement client needs attention in ways other hair salon customers do not. And getting our regular Guci Image costumers back in for service means we can all now have fun…not just blondes.

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