Cheyenne Jackson’s Hair Horror Doesn’t Have To Be Yours

Cheyenne Jackson’s Hair Horror Doesn’t Have To Be Yours

Facilitating hair transplants, as well as determining what replacement unit or extension might be best for a client, are hair replacement approaches Guci Image takes very seriously. We want no client to ever leave us with any problem, whether momentarily or for the long term. But just this week actor Cheyenne Jackson revealed the severe problems he endured when attempting five separate hair transplants over fourteen years. This story is akin to what we all learned about Ricki Lake just recently about the thinning hair problems she has suffered for years,

Worried that someone might detect the scar he has had at the back of his head for decades, Jackson as much revealed that scar in an Instagram post this week. Jackson, who has starred on both “American Horry Story,” and “30 Rock,” claims he began losing his hair in his early twenties, had his first surgery closer to thirty and now at forty-four is revealing his dramatic hair transplantation history; “a horrible secret,” he calls it.

As one of the top tri-state area’s hair replacement salons, we are, of course, sympathetic to Mr. Jackson’s plight and to anyone else who may have undergone countless surgeries, or even one, that left them with less than stellar results. But we cannot speak to what Mr. Jackson had done or what went wrong. We only know that for the clients who come to us, we take painstaking measures to ensure we give them the very best service for what they want and need.

With all the options presently available for male and female hair replacement, a client needs to search well. There are as many reputable salons and technicians ‘out there’ as plenty of topical solutions making false claims of hair restoration. As with anything, it is a ‘buyer beware’ kind of consideration…but at Guci Image, the buyer, our client, is ever aware of what we can safely provide.

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