When Will N.J. Open?

When Will N.J. Open?

In New Jersey, we have been questioning, just like everybody else: When Will N.J. Open? COVID-19 had taken us all pretty much out of our daily routines, and we certainly all want our lives back! A hair restore salon like Guci Image is not considered an ‘essential’ business (which we certainly understand in the overall scheme of things), but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been wondering what the ‘new normal’ will look like for our business.

The good news is, the second Gov. Murphy lifts the restrictions and we can re-open, we are ready to. The bad news (or the caution to consider) is that we have to employ some changes in how we service you for the foreseeable future. But you know how skilled and kind our staff is. We will apply these changes, and with your help, we just know we will get your extensions and hairpieces serviced in the expert way we always have.

Some of the changes in how we service you will include:

  1. Additional hours and days of service added to accommodate all of you who have been so patient for so long.
  2. Specific days set aside for cut-ins, different than those days set aside for services.
  3. No walk-ins.
  4. When you come for your appointment, you must text Anza from the parking lot that you have arrived. She will give you the all-clear that our last customer has left, and that we have sanitized via protocols. 
  5. When you enter the office, Anza will check to make sure you are not running a fever over 99 degrees. If you are, you will be asked to leave.
  6. Everyone, customers, and staff, all must wear masks at all times. 

As we have always hoped from the beginning of this most unusual of circumstances, what we most want is the continued best health of everyone, Guci Image customer or not. We hope the health considerations above and whatever else we need to implement, we continue to keep us all safe.

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