When Will N.J. Open?

The big question for the last month or so around our Paramus, NJ offices has been: When will Guci Image be allowed to open? We know our hair replacement customers consider us ‘essential,’ and we want to serve them all. But as of this writing, there has been no official declaration from Governor Murphy when we might get back to work.

In Georgia, though, Governor Brian Kemp is itching to get his state cooking. He has declared this Friday, April 25th, ‘opening day.’ But lots of his haircare workers are protesting the call back to work.

Presently Atlanta, Georgia, is the epicenter of a bunch of TV and movie productions. Tyler Perry has his studios there and shows like Netflix’s “Stranger Things” as well as “The Walking Dead” film in Atlanta. Talent of all kinds, from actors to directors, to lighting and sound people—and yes, hair and make-up stylists—have flocked there for employment. Then there are the many other busy salons that litter the state of Georgia; as any populated U.S. state has, there are plenty of people working in the hair industry under Brian Kemp’s safety. But with Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, protesting this early opening, as well as beauty influencers like Alonzo Arnold questioning the move, one wonders if anyone will be populating movie sets or salons come this Friday.

Or even, how many will be open.

So, we wait it out, just like you. Getting back to work will surely stimulate the economy, but when you are a personal service provider for hair replacement customers, your get back-to-working ‘itch’ is one you feel quite deep. And whatever Georgia does or does not do, we will, of course, follow the orders that come down for all business in New Jersey.

We hope to see you healthy and happy at the Guci Image salon very soon.