Ariel Winter Is Transformed, Are You?

Ariel Winter Modern Family

Talk about our culture’s busiest chameleon! Modern Family star Ariel Winter has once again posted a picture on her Instagram account, showing how she has recently changed her look. This time Winter has let go of her Alex Dunphy black hair color for strawberry blonde…via her high-powered hairstylist, Tabitha Dueñas at Nine Zero One Salon in L.A. And Winter claims red is where she will stay…at least for now. As the actress told People Magazine a year ago, during another hair transformation, “Every time I come out of getting my hair done, I feel like a new woman.” We hope this isn’t true every time someone visits our Guci Image Office. What we hope is that the men and women who come to us to get their hair ‘done,’ leave feeling like the man and woman they best envision themselves to be…with a full head of hair.

The hair restoration client-salon relationship is one we take very seriously. Sure, Nine Zero One might cater to a constant influx of celebrities, but Guci Image customers are family to us. We are not simply seeing to a popular actress’s desire to change her hair color; we deal with the daily concerns of making the hair that our clients wear look the best it can. Frankly, our north New Jersey hair salon is charged with a higher purpose than mere cut or color, and while a Hollywood A-lister might think that their hair care is important (and it is), we feel we need to deliver in a way most salons do not.

As a Guci customer knows, as anyone presently considering wearing hair, and even the layperson would have to be aware, the time, consideration, and yes, the outlay of funds needed to wear hair are considerable. Well worth it? Sure…if you are attended to by a hair restoration salon, like Guci. Remember, we are charged with the most important of responsibilities from the many men and women who come to trust us to make them look like they most want to look.