Katy Perry Gets ‘Cozy,’ But You Should See Guci Image First

Katy Perry Gets ‘Cozy,’ But You Should See Guci Image First

While Guci Image hair-wearing clients consider possible styles, cuts, or color for this holiday season, there’s been some interesting considerations over holiday songs. For one, the “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” remake by John Legend and Kelly Clarkson, is riding a yuletide controversy over lyrical rebooting, and contrarily yesterday, Katy Perry dropped her fun and slightly naughty “Cozy Little Christmas,” video. This clip also sees the 35-year-old diva in plenty of sassy seasonal haute and sporting a whole bunch of different hairstyles and colors.

In the video for her new holiday song, Perry sports a blonde ’50s cut, black curls with mistletoe headband, and also a red beehive adorned with ornaments and garland. Elsewhere in the clip she accessorizes her hair with gold glitter antlers, Christmas ball earrings and a green bow. Never one to shy away from wild outfits or trend-bending hairstyles, “Cozy Little Christmas,” is as much a breath of flirty fresh air as it might herald the release of Perry’s 6th album, hopefully dropping pre-Christmas for her rabid fan base.

There is a lot of potential playfulness men and women who wear hair can get away with during the holiday season. Bows, ribbons, hats, antlers all can be worn for the many occasions one might be occasioning come this month. But a Guci Image customer knows first and foremost, slipping into our northern NJ hair replacement salon for a pre-holiday service needs to be foremost on your naughty or nice list. In the upcoming season, one wants to look their best, wear their hair with confidence, but make sure to be set up to do so before the real holidaze madness sets in.

We might not all be as free to explore and exploit our looks to the confectionary heights a Katy Perry can. Be ’tis the season to be jolly and wear their hair with a little extra panache, to be sure. Just make sure you get into Guci Image as early as possible to make your upcoming hair yuletides as bright as you can.

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