Heidi Klum Says ‘Make Those Appointments!’

Heidi Klum Says ‘Make Those Appointments!’

This year, Heidi Klum’s costume transformation took place in real-time in the window of the Amazon store in Manhattan. Make-shift haunted houses and scary hayrides are still open across the nation well into this weekend (see here). And some of our neighboring NJ towns pushed trick or treating to today because of rain. With all of this and more in mind, Guci Image wishes you all a happy Halloween 2019.

We also want to caution you at the start of what will soon be a hectic holiday season landing on us. What are we cautioning about? 

Here at New Jersey #1 hair replacement salon, things get decidedly a bit more harried now that the holiday season rush is upon us. As we all joke, it seems no time at all goes by from October 31st to Thanksgiving to then the main holiday season in December, into the New Year. And through them all, attending office parties, family functions and just out and about as much as any of us will be, we need our hair looking good. This means keeping up on your regular Guci Image appointments and making sure you call well ahead these super busy days so you can get into our Paramus hair replacement offices for whatever it is you need.

We are all guilty of overloading our schedules, of letting the days get away from us, of not realizing how many days might have gone by between our hair care services. Even with the high-end materials we use, the craftsmanship of the artisans who create the hair you wear, and the skills of our technicians, you know Guci Image can only ever do the great job we do if you actually come in to let us do that job.

Have a great holiday season and happy Halloween, but don’t forget to get your regular hair services well scheduled in advance, all the way up until the end of the year.

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