Here Comes The Sun

Oh yes, the heat has been especially challenging this week in northern N.J.; we just know our Guci Image clients are feeling it. One didn’t have to log on to this week to determine how hot it was. It was hot!

Do people who wear hair suffer through hotter (or even) colder temperatures worse than those you do not? Maybe in some cases of hair replacement systems and extensions, this is a problem. But with Guci Image hair replacement products, we use the very best materials to make sure anything we give you is well-vented and porous.

But there is no denying the heat gets to us all. It increases body temperature and makes us sweat more. As we pull and twist our hair into ponytails, come to wash it more often than usual, our hairstyles, color and hair health, in general, can see a lot of abuse in these scorching summer months. Also trying to cool off in the ocean or a pool in July or August one comes in contact with more salt and chlorine, both of which can wreak havoc on one’s hair.

Given all these fun-in-the-sun factors, a hair replacement client needs to be slightly more vigilant than those people suffering through the heat who do not wear hair. Keeping to regular Guci appointments for service, replacement, color, and cut is tantamount to keep your hair looking its best in the dog days of summer. At home, staying with your regular hair care regiment, not over-washing or blow-drying during the summer will help the longevity of your extensions and CTR units as well.

Guci Image wishes everyone a continued safe, fun and certainly (as best as you can make it) a cool rest of the summer. Just make sure to take care of that hair you wear.