Lady Gaga Sees The True & Beautiful You

Lady Gaga just launched a video for her new cosmetic line, Lady Gaga Haus Laboratories. The Star Is Born star shows off various stunning visuals in the clip, but the tagline one takes away from the quick cuts, and stunning latex couture is that Lady Gaga defines beauty as not in the eye of the beholder but “…beauty is how you see yourself.” Here at Guci Image we certainly feel the image you have of yourself is the only one really that matters.
Wearing hair is all about retaining and maintaining the self-confidence you might have lost or felt eroding when you first noticed your hair thinning. A shock to the system to be sure, whether your impending balding was gradual or quick, the image you had of yourself was changing…and you came to Guci Image to change it back. You were ‘beholding’ yourself in a way that you weren’t so pleased with and sought out the best solution to get back that image you thought beautiful, youthful, the you that you want to show to the world.
We are happy to have helped and continue to be thrilled with the results we see on our male and female clients who come to our Paramus, NJ salon. Giving people back that which they felt they might be lo\sing for good is what please us so much in the work that we do.
Beauty comes in very forms and styles. It is not just skin deep. And it certainly isn’t just about your hair. We know the hair care service we provide is a small piece of what we all need to feel better about ourselves and our lives. But Guci Image is proud of this small service we can do for you, whether you are a returning customer or someone contemplating that beautiful you you want to see again.