Looking Like Lizzo?

If you caught the 2019 BET Awards that just passed, you’d have been treated to some outfits and hair design that would have given even a Guci Image stylist pause. Singer Lizzo especially turned heads in a short, tight mini, with cape and sleeves…and her accessorizing. What made her entire couture memorable was how everything the young singer wore sported a wood grain design, all the way to her wood grain painted hair and the circular bark-like hat upon it.
As we have recognized here plenty of times, outrageousness is the prevue of celebrity. Those of us wearing hair, and most of the rest of us as well, don’t get to be so daring in our couture, cut and style. The trotting out of who-wears-what-and-how-eye-catching-they-can-be serves well for a fun weekend T.V. viewing, but nobody is dressing like a tree on a daily basis, or shellacking their hair all that often.
It’s easy to have a little style envy when you have hair that is not your own. As one of the Guci Image family faithful, there are limitations to what you can attempt, not so much because our stylist magicians can’t bring you anything your heart desires with a CTR unit or SmartGraft® Transplant. It’s more that men and women who come to wear hair know the more ‘out there’ they might want to get with their hair, the more unwanted attention they might draw to their hair. And in the hair replacement world, unwanted attention could bring detection.
There’s plenty of room to play and experiment though. We certainly champion the creative side of cut or color. The nature of the hair we use allows for a wide range of experimentation, and everyone at our Paramus, NJ salon is looking to make you look your best.
You just might not leave us looking like a tree.