Can you follow Serena Williams?

This week Serena Williams posted a picture of her braiding her baby daughter Olympia’s hair. The picture earned 600,000 likes, as much revealing the popularity of the 37-year-old tennis champion/mom, as to how adorable her baby is. Posting an explanation with the shot, Serena explained that this braiding is keeping alive a tradition that goes back to her ethnic roots of the Himba tribe of Namibia. Wearing hair from Guci Image though, can one work in our own family or ethnic hair traditions when hair is no longer ours?
The answer to this question is that, as much as can you style your hair to a modern cut, or color it any way you want Guci Image CTR units and extensions allow for limitless potential for any tradition. For women especially interested in braiding techniques, our hair is certainly malleable for anything you might want to try.
We’ve all seen plenty of hair replacement systems that resemble a helmet on the wearer’s head or seeming limitless extensions that have no natural tone or look when worked into the wearer’s remaining hair. In fact, there is a whole section of women on the very popular “Housewives Of…” (insert city or state as applicable) shows that actually wear noticeable extensions! Certainly, this odd, completely detectable style is not one Guci Image condones. But the fact remains, lots of replacement hair does not look, feel or is as manageable as Guci Image hair.
The sensibility of our Paramus, N.J. salon is such that we want you to feel free to wear your hair any way you wish, working your individual styles, cuts and colors into your life. Wherever your traditions, a passing interest or even a whim come from, Guci Image is with you 100% of the way. Wearing the  hair you wear in the way you wish to wear makes you a champion everyday.