As anyone who comes in for services at, has researched about or has had a friend relate, the Guci Image salon offers hair replacement services, plus a whole lot more. We are leaders in the technology of wearing hair to be sure, but we also provide men and women a wide range of cosmetic approaches for retaining one’s youth and building confidence.
We want you always leaving Guci feeling better than when you came in.
One of our newer services is Coolsculpting, the number one nonsurgical fat reduction treatment. This is an FDA-cleared technique for literally freezing away fat. With Coolsulpting you can contour your body safely and effectively, attacking those areas where you need reduction most (these include lady’s bra areas, tummy and that dreaded ‘banana roll’ too many of us have under our bottoms). And depending on what area you want attended to, a Coolsculpting treatment can take as little as 35 minutes.
What happens in a Coolsculpting session is that the trouble fat cells are cooled effectively yet gently at the target area, while your skin is unaffected. These fat cells are frozen and die off, and in the weeks following the procedure, the body eliminates these cells through its normal processes. The treated fat cells are gone for good with Coolsculpting results lasting long-term; in fact, studies have shown the results lasting for nine years.
Coolsculpting boasts over 6 million treatments worldwide and has been a NewBeauty 5-Time Award Winer.
You can now as much sculpt your body to precisely the parameters you want as leave us with a full head of hair styled, colored, and cut to your specifications. As science marches forward with amazing advancements to how we act, look and feel, Guci Image presents you with another service to help you feel better about you.
Get in touch with the Guci Image salon (# 201 – 734 – 0051) to learn more about Coolsculpting.