Has Jason Momoa inspired you?

Has Jason Momoa inspired you?

Opining on any possible change you might take to your Guci Image hair, we offer caution continually. Cut, color, new style; there are lots to consider as we have said countless times in this blog, for those of us wearing hair who might want a change to it. Indeed, you’re not about to garner the attention Jason Momoa did this week when he shaved his beard (Aquaman shaved his face clean on the Dune set promoting recyclable canned water), but change is a big deal to those of us wearing hair.

And not just changing our hair.

It’s no small point to consider that anything we do to change ourselves so often brings attention to our hair, even if we aren’t actually changing our hair. You came (or are coming) to our Paramus hair restoration saloon because you know how important your hair is. Momoa sported a certain hunky wild man rock and roll bad boy style with his wild beard, long locks and muscular physique like Tom Selleck’s mustache, his beard was a signature piece of his character. And now that he is shaved, certainly you notice his handsome face all the more, but you also are drawn to the guy all over again.

Men wearing one of our CTR units who come to lose or grow some facial hair will indeed draw attention to themselves, at least for a time and any attention means the hair we wear will get attention too. Women changing a make-up style, threading eye-brows, enjoying some Botox (include the men here too when it comes to Botox) will find even the most subtle changes they make to their face draws attention to their hair.

The point we want to stress is: any change you make in your overall style could very well affect the hair you wear or how people come to look at the hair you wear.

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