Flipping Over Blue Ivy

Does the world revolve around Beyoncé, caring about hair and Netflix? It certainly seems to. The latest from Queen Bey is her Homecoming documentary trailer for her backstage/onstage movie streaming on Netflix on April 17th. And what appears anybody but everybody is talking about in from that trailer is Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy managing an epic hair flip during her mother rehearsing her dancers.
Yes, we do need to wonder where we are at currently when this kind of news makes news. But it is hard to ignore Beyoncé’s world. And be you a Guci Image customer (or maybe soon becoming one) colors or cuts, someone seemingly who was balding no longer losing their hair, even a seven-year-old’s hair maneuvers, will catch your attention.
Whether this famous little girl can now be given icon’ status or be rightly called a ‘legend’ (as Twitterverse bestowed on Blue Ivy) is anybody’s guess. But sitting amongst her mom’s back-up dancers and giving her long braids a twirl it seems Blue Ivy stole the trailer. The Homecoming movie was filmed during Blue Ivy’s mom’s big 2018 Coachella performance, and shows this show and other scenes, on stage and off. One might recall that at the Coachella show last year Beyoncé reunited with Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.
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